Wird von 12.00-15.00 Uhr serviert

Marinated shrimps
Pickled onions, cucumbers pickled in mint, herbs & and spicy summer gazpacho
155 kr.

Bacon, tomatoes, cucumber, chives & mustard
140 kr.

Bandholm Burger
Bacon, cheese, parsley, chili mayo & chips
175 kr.

Moules Frites
Chips & Aioli
155 kr.

Vinaigrette, lemon & herbs. 4/8/12pc.
150/300/450 kr.

“Stjerneskud” Traditonal Danish.
Plaice, prawns, salmon tartar, salads.
175 kr.

Cesar salad.
Chicken, Cheese, roasted pumpkinseeds & croutons.
145 kr.

Shellfish platter min. 2 persons
Gratinated lobster, crab claws with citrus aioli, ceviche of shrimps, mussels, crayfish from Sorø, Skagen shrimps, and 2 kinds of oysters with vinaigrette & lemon
It is all served with homemade bread, small salads & different kinds of dressing
395,- per person
Additional purchase of ½ Danish black lobster with  classical garnish.
250 kr.

Open sandwiches "Smørrebrød"

Beef tartar. Pickled onion. Horseradish & cress. Crisps
145 kr. 

Danish potatoes. Crips chicken skin. Radish cress
105 kr.

Shrimps, Lemon, dill, mayonnaise & butter roasted bread.
165 kr.

(Enjoy it with a Schnapps from Isle of Møn 55 kr.)


Butterfried blinis, creme fraiche & chives

30 g Giaveri Baerii 395 kr.

30 g Giaveri Osietra 495 kr.


Local strawberries & rhubarb
Elderflower cream & cicely
125 kr.


Strawberriepie á la Bandholm
White chocolate, marzipan & strawberry sorbet 
105 kr.


"Koldskål" - Traditional Dansih dessert
Shortbread chunks & Lemon verbena sorbet
110 kr.


Lemon-buckthorn pie Semifreddo
Meringue & ice cream
95 kr.


Arla Unika Cheeses
Pickled nuts, compote & 3 kinds of bread
165 kr.