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The Hotel's History

A little about Bandholm and hotel

On Lolland - close to Knuthenborg Safari Park - in the town of Bandholm, you will find our cozy old hotel. Bandholm is a lovely little town with its traditional yellow houses. This is where most people end their trip in Knuthenborg Safari Park with the exit at Bandholm gate. Drop by to enjoy such as our outdoor terrace cafe overlooking the Smålandshavet.

With the beach and the port as neighbors, Bandholm Hotel is ideally situated, and there are opportunities for relaxing, swimming, boating and the like.

At the hotel you will find in the summer time - in addition to the café with sea views - a shop with old Swedish furniture and decorative art. There is also a wellness center, and in the garden there is a lovely children's playground and mini golf course and a bouncy castle. In winter time you can still enjoy a stay in the Bandholm's beautiful surroundings. The hotel also has a wonderful restaurant with a fire in the fireplace, where you can order excellent Danish cuisine, delicious desserts or maybe a lunch plate.

From Bandholm are daily ferry departures to Askø / Lilleø where you can experience life on a few of Denmark's many small islands. Bandholm Hotel is a good base when you can go out and experience the island of Lolland-Falster.

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A little about the city and the hotel's history

Bandholm Hotel has built its foundation on the life that over time has been in and around Bandholm city where the harbor has been the natural hub ever since the Midieval Ages. The original old inn was royally privileged in 1692.

In the mid-1800s there was a revival of the city because of the shipping of grain and other agricultural products that took place. A boom which today might be a little hard to spot, but has helped to give the city and the hotel its own special identity and romantic nature.

When the city was at its peak it had 53 stores. There were several banks, three merchants, several tailors and, moreover, two hotels, of which Bandholm Hotel was considered the most noble and respectable. Additionally, there were down through Havnegade several large granaries, of which wheat magazine today is a well preserved example which is definitely worth a look.

Bandholm's history is also closely related to Knuthenborg, which has owned most of the city, including the harbor, which the estate still owns along with several of the city's buildings even today. Knuthenborg has for many years owned Bandholm Hotel and thus also in 1886, when the present main building was built. A city and a hotel with lots of history.

From Bandholm are daily ferries to Asko / Lilleø where you can experience life on a few of Denmark's many small islands.

Bandholm Hotel is a good base when you visit Lolland-Falster.

Experience Lolland and Falster

There is a wealth of fascinating sights on Lolland - Falster, both for children and adults. We wish in a special way to highlight the major attractions like Knuthenborg Safari Park, the Railway Museum, the Midieval Center,  Fuglsang incl. art museum, Pederstrup Manor museum, Lalandia, Maribo area, Nakskov Fjord and the islands Askø, Fejø and Femø. If we include Moen Møn's Cliff is a must. An overview of experiences on both Lolland, Falster and Moen is found HERE.