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Facial Treatments

There are many external and internal factors that affect the condition of the skin. Throughout your life the skin requires different care. At Bandholm Wellness, our skilled and well-educated cosmetologists can assess your skin's condition, cleanse the skin in depth, do a skin analysis and recommend the skin care products that we think your skin needs. All of our facial treatments take place in a relaxing and calming atmosphere.

Call us at +45 5475 5476 to schedule your treatment or fill out the contact form below.


Small Luxury Treatment approx. 30 min.

Acupressure in aromatic cleansing balm, peel, special mask, hand and armmassage, serum, cream and eye care.

 DKK 450

Kalahari Fruit Acid Treatment

Suitable for problem skin and mature skin. Deep cleaning as required.

DKK 550

Vitamin C Treatment

Suitable for all skin types. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin against UV rays and promotes the skin's reconstruction process.

DKK 550

Luxury Darphin approx. 60 min. 

Cleansing, 2x peel, massage, special mask, hand- and arm massage, serum, creme, eye care, light makeup as needed and desired.

DKK 795  

Queen/King treatment approx. 120 min.

Feel like royalty after this 2 hour long extravagantly pampering treatment, catering to both face, body and soul!

A luxurious treatment from head to toe - to her/him that deserves only the best! Back massage with nourishing oils, extended luxury facial incl. 2x peel, 2x special mask, massage and phytodraining, hand and armmassage, foot massage and makeup as needed and desired. Suitable for couples treatment.

DKK 1,450

Beauty Angel Light

Beauty Angel Light stimulates the connective tissue and increases the collagen, elastin and hyaluron production. It's a natural and effective way to get a beautiful skin.

The Beauty Angel light reduces, among other things:
- Wrinkles and lines
- scar tissue and stretch marks
- Acne, unclean skin, etc.

Beauty Angel Light Therapy, approx. 15 min.

Beauty Angel Activate is applied immediately before treatment, then you are under the relaxing lamp for 10-15 minutes, and finish with Cultivate cream.

DKK 200
12 Beauty Angel Treatments for the price of 10. DKK 2,000


The fastest wrinkle treatment, here and now! CooLifting removes superficial lines and reduces deep wrinkles and provides intense moisture. A single treatment lasts for 2-4 weeks. Ideal for a special occasion. For a more lasting effect, choose a series of treatments where you get 2 treatments per week for 4 weeks. Then the result can last 8-12 months.

CooLifting, approx 15 min. The treatment itself only takes 4 mins.

DKK 650
A series of 8 CooLifting treatments DKK 3,800

Dermaroller - Anti-age facial treatment

Dermaroller is a treatment that gives the skin an immediate firming effect and the results are visible. During the treatment microscopic holes are made in the skin with a needle, after which a high concentration hyaloronic acid serum is applied to the skin. The treatment is painless, you feel just a tingling on the skin. There are no side effects. It varies from person to person, how many treatments are needed to achieve the desired result.

Anti-age facial treatment

Dermaroll of whole face or decolté - 60 min.
Completed with Beaty Angel light.

DKK 1,800
Dermaroll of small area, e.g. eyes or lips - 30 min. DKK 900


Treatment of liver spots, skin tags and fibroma with freezing pen. The Belgian CryoPen can remove spots from the face, hands or elsewhere on the body.

CryoPen treatment of isolated spot in the face, a skin tag or fibroma. DKK 200
CryoPen treatment of 1-3 spots in the face as a supplement to facial treatment. DKK 550
CryoPen treatment of 10 spots in the face, on the hands or elsewhere on the body. DKK 695


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