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Gourmet Feast

Spoil your guests with a lavish 4-course gourmet feast with extravagant culinary delights. Accompanying the gourmet menu is a wine menu, perfectly suited to the food.

Lavish feast with gourmet dinner and wine selection

Bandholm Hotel has all the ingredients needed to create a successful gourmet feast with or without accommodation.

Bandholm Hotel is uniquely located in the beautiful countryside at Lolland's north coast. The beautiful, romantically decorated celebration halls with an air of history are perfect for exclusive parties. The hotel is also known for its excellent gourmet and banquet dinners, made with the best produce from local award-winning farmers. Lastly, the excellent heartfelt service, which is the hotel's trademark, is an important factor in providing a successful event with satisfied guests.

Bandholm Hotel's experienced event manager is available throughout the whole process and makes sure that everything turns out as planned. The gourmet menu is individually created for the event by the hotel's skilled chef, Naomi Fouché, who also chooses the right wines, suited for the menu. 

Contact Bandholm Hotel's event manager at +45 5475 5476 to hear more about gourmet feasts or fill out the contact form.


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