The Gourmet Restaurant

Romantic gourmet restaurant

The Gourmet Restaurant is a beautiful and evocative room with luxurious decor, fireplace and soft lighting. The delicious 5- and 7-course gourmet dinners with complementary wine menus are enjoyed here. The Gourmet Restaurant is tastefully decorated to create the right mood and atmosphere to lift up the meal to a complete culinary experience.

A holistic gastronomical experience

The seasonal gourmet menu and accompanying wine menu are perfectly aligned to provide gastronomic experiences that caress the senses and make time stand still and everyday life disappear far away. Perfect for an evening where gastronomy and relaxed atmosphere go together to create a memorable time together.

The best local produce

The sumptuous gourmet meals are based on the finest quality local produce, prepared with passion and creativity.

See the gourmet menu here.