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Hands and Feet

Pamper hands and nails. We offer beautiful mani- and pedicures with the recognized product line from CND. Sit back and enjoy the exclusive experience not available in everyday life.

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Manicure Basic, approx. 30 min.

Hand bath. Nails are shaped and cuticles arranged and cared for. Polishing, nail oil and hand cream.

DKK 295

Luxury Spa Manicure, approx. 45 min.

Caring oil/milk bath. Nails are shaped, cuticles are arranged and cared for. Jojoba oil peeling of hands and forearms, moisturizing vitamin-rich hand mask, hand massage in a silky soft hand lotion, nail oil and polishing.

DKK 445

Pedicure Basic, approx. 40 min.

The feet are freshened up with a soothing foot bath. Nails are shaped, cuticles are cared for, and the feet are filed. Finally, we offer foot massage with moisturizing cream. Polishing. 

DKK 425

Luxury Spa Pedicure, approx. 60 min.

Relaxing aromatic foot bath; Raw sugar based AHA peeling of feet and lower legs. Nails are shaped, cuticles are cared for, high AHA Sea serum, feet are filed. Vitamin-rich foot mask with volcanic clay, Cucumber Heel therapy that restores dry and cracked skin. Nails are polished. 

DKK 550
Supplement for hotstones DKK 100

Colored lacquer, comb. with treatment

DKK 75
French lacquer comb. with treatment DKK 95
Shellac comb. with treatment DKK 150
French Shellac comb.with treatment DKK 175


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