The skin has so many interesting features, but especially interesting about the
skincare topic, it is that it tells about our lifestyle.

The skin is not only our external, which we want to be nicelooking, but is in fact the body's largest living organ, with its lipid -and keratin barrier among other things. It protects us from external agents and from losing water from the body by inappropriate evaporation. With melanin formation, the skin protects us against solar radiation (how we get suntanned), and the skin excrete waste products from the body, for example through the sweat glands.

The skin has so many interesting features, but especially exciting for the skin care topic, it is that the skin tells about our lifestyle. For some more than others, it is clearly seen how our diet is, whether we get enough fluid, whether we are stressed, whether we are working inside or outside, whether we smoke, we sleep badly, etc. It can be expressed by skin irritation, buds, pustules (pimples), pigmentation, dryness etc.

THEREFORE, it can be really nice sometimes to get your skins condition evaluated by a beautician, at a treatment.
Here you can get your skin cleansed in depth, and get a "diagnosis" of the skin's current needs, as well as getting the recommended skin care products, we think best for your skin type and condition right now. This can change, caused by many factors, so we recommend to the fullest, getting a facial treatment every 4 to 6 weeks.

But remember - it's just as important to care for the skin daily at home with appropriate products, to treat conditions, preserve and prevent.

Ask your beautician. We care about your skin ;0)