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Try a nice relaxing massage with or without stones. It is possible to get couple therapy - take your spouse, loved one, mother or girlfriend with you and get a delightful experience together. 

Start the experience by warming up in our jacuzzi - see more in the menu under Spa & Body.

Hotstone massage, approx. 90 min.  

Relaxing lava stone massage, where the heat provides a deeper impact and where oils simultaneously detoxify the tissue. During this 90-minute treatment the whole body is massaged with both hands and stones.

DKK 1,050
Hotstone massage, approx. 60 min. DKK 850
Kalahari Full Body Massage, approx. 60 min. DKK 750
Kalahari Back Massage, approx. 30 min. DKK 450
Back massage, app. 30 min.
Relaxing massage.
DKK 400
Hotstones supplement DKK 100
Facial Massage, approx. 30 min. DKK 400
Full Body Service Massage, per hour (or part thereof) DKK 900
Full Body Service incl. Body Correction, approx. 90 min. DKK 1350
Full Body Service in addition to Full Body Massage DKK 600

For the pregnant

We have a special cushion for pregnant women with a hole for the stomach so that you can now enjoy a nice massage.

The cushion provides good support, so most pregnant women can lie on the stomach with ease throughout most of the pregnancy. But as pregnant bellies are very different in shape and size, it is a good idea when booking to inquire whether there is something special to be aware of.


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