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Ratings and awards

Elegant Bandholm Hotel is an beautiful, old hotel located on the north coast of Lolland. Here, the beach and port are neighbors and the town Bandholm is a pleasant acquaintance.

Experience one of the best hotels Bandholm Hotel, which is only a little over one and a half hour's drive from Copenhagen. The hotel has been praised so much on the user-driven review sites TripAdvisor and Trivago that it is among the 10 best hotels in those sites. The hotel has also received Tripadvisor's Travellers' Choice 2015 Certificate of Excellence 2014 and's Clean Hotel Award.


Bandholm Hotel is idyllically situated on the north coast of Lolland town of Bandholm. The main building dates back to 1886 and the hotel was upgraded to a 4-star hotel in 2012. The hotel's charming and delightful double rooms are all individually furnished with private bathroom, TV and free wireless internet.

Bandholm Hotel has one of Lolland's most visited restaurants. Every year more than 30,000 people visit the hotel, and many regular guests return again and again.

The restaurant is decorated with beautiful, handmade wallpapers, and the classic interior provides a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Often, the fireplace is lit up, but weather permitting, you can also choose to sit on the outdoor terrace with views down through the beautiful old garden and overlook the sea.

A stay at Bandholm Hotel is a stay where you apart from relaxing in the classic and beautiful facilities, can go bathing and go for nice walks in the countyside. The area offers fresh sea air and sea view. And in Bandholm, you can experience a nice old town with warehouses and idyllic yellow half-timbered houses.

A historical town

Bandholm Hotel is founded in history. Bandholm harbor has been a natural hub ever since the Middle Ages and served for centuries as the port of the larger town of Maribo. The original old inn was royally privileged in 1692.

In the mid-1800s there was a revival of the city because of the shipping of grain and other agricultural products that took place. A resurgence that today maybe is a little difficult to spot, but have helped to give the city and the hotel its own identity and romantic nature.

When the town was at its peak, it had 53 stores. There were several banks, three merchants, several tailors and, moreover, two hotels, of which Bandholm Hotel was considered as the most noble. Additionally, there were several large granaries 
on Havnegade, of which wheat magazine today is a well preserved example which is definitely worth a visit.

Experience Lolland and Falster

There is a wealth of fascinating sights on Lolland-Falster, both for children and adults. Among other things, Knuthenborg Safari Park, Museumsbanen, castles, to Fuglsang incl. art museum, Pederstrup Herregårdsmuseum, Lalandia, Maribo area, Nakskov Fjord and the islands Askø, Fejø and Femø. Including Møn, the cliffs of course. An overview of experiences on both Lolland, Falster and Møn found here HERE.

From Bandholm are daily ferries to Asko / Lilleø where you can experience life on a few of Denmark's many small islands. Besides the beautiful scenery, you can see the Askø Church from the 1200s & Bus Museum, a local history museum.

Reviews and appointments

Visit TripAdvisor hotel has a satisfaction score of 98% and for the 2015 assigned Travelers' Choice Award as the top 10 hotel in Denmark in 3 categories.

Here 170 people notified the hotel, and of these 162 rated it to be 'Excellent' or 'Very Good'.

"3 days of spoiling"

Although the hotel right next to the water, Knuthenborg in the backyard almost, lovely rooms and the food super good and plentiful. The staff is smiling warm-hearted people who are always good for a cozy chat and a hug!

"Beautiful and good"

Very nice interior, romantic, beautiful location, good service that helpful personnel and excellent food at an ok price. we have tried their summer buffet it was cheap, there was not so many different dishes but for the price it was ok, it was tasty. worth a visit

"Perfect family hotel!"

A gem of Lolland, nothing less: Great good service from all staff members, from waiters to be helpers, what a helpfulness. The little ones got help when they asked for it, and when the family was to play on the otherwise challenging mini golf course came immediately an assistant and cleaned the lanes, although it was not necessary.

In addition, a very special atmosphere that you only find in old, renowned hotels and top it with really good food for all, and not only for money but above this. Can only recommend Bandholm warmly.