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Spa & Body

Enjoy a romantic spa treatment with your partner. An exclusive and pleasant experience for all senses, leaving you relaxed and comfortable.

Order a spa treatment at our online booking , or call us at 5475 5476.


Little Romance for two, approx. 60 min.
Enjoy some 30 min. in the bubbles of the jacuzzi with candles, then a half-hour relaxing back massage. Water, nuts and fruit are served. 
For 2 people DKK 1,300
Romance for two, approx. 90 min.
Enjoy some 30 min. in the bubbles of the jacuzzi with candles, then an hour relaxing full body massage. Water, nuts and fruit are served.
For 2 people DKK 1,800

Jacuzzi, approx. 30 min.
Enjoy some 30 min in the bubbles of the jacuzzi with effective massage and wellness. Water, nuts and fruits are served.

Each additional 15 min., per person

For 2 people

DKK 475

For 1 person DKK 375
per person DKK 75

Kalahari Body Buff approx. 90 min. 

The ultimative luxurious body treatment. Go on a journey to th sandy hills of the Kalahari desert, with unique alluring desert scents. Get a silky soft and radiantly beautiful skin, after your own choice of exfolient ingredients from Kalahari, followed by a refreshing hot shower, and half an hour in the bubbles of the jaccuzzi. Water, nuts and fresh fruit are served. 

The treatment is finished with a wonderful comfort wholebody-massage, with a mixture of caring and moisturizing botanic oils. We serve Red Bush Tea filled with antioxidants, which continue to cleanse the body.

Suitable for couples treatment.

Per person

DKK 1,150

Night Spa approx. 30 min.

Can be booked from 8.30 pm.

Enjoy 30 minutes in the jacuzzi's bubbles with a nice bottle of sparkling wine and delicious little tapas. The perfect culmination of the evening.

Per person DKK 495

Night Spa Deluxe approx. 60 min.

Can be booked from 8.30 pm.

Enjoy 60 min. in the jacuzzi's bubbles, a chilled bottle of champagne, a delicious tapas plate and fruit. The ultimate pampering with the one you love.

Per person DKK 845

Enjoy a chilled champagne in the jacuzzi

Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial   DKK 895
Piper Heidsieck, Cuvee Sublime, Demi Sec   DKK 695
Piper Heidsieck, Champagne, Brut   DKK 595

Mouseerende vin

Maillefaud Crémant de Die   DKK 345
Tre Secoli Brachetto DOCG spumante, Piemonte, Italien   DKK 285

For pregnant women 

We have a special pillow for pregnant women, with a hole for the stomach, which gives the possibility to enjoy a wonderful massage.

The pillow system gives a good support, for most pregnant women to be able to lie on their stomach without problems for most of their pregnancy.

Since pregnant stomachs are very different in size and shape, its a good idea to ask for special things to be aware of, when booking an appointment.


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