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The Terrace

Enjoy calming sea views and great food and drink at Bandholm Hotel's large covered terrace 

The terracce

The hotel's large terrace with its impressive pagoda tents and views of Smålandshavet is a natural meeting place for hotel guests during the summer. There is a fully equipped outdoor kitchen and bar, which serves food and drinks long into the bright summer evenings.

It is possible to sit both inside and outside the tents, and there is seating for more than 200 people at the popular terrace. Inside the tents are heaters that can keep our guests warm in the late evening hours.

In the summer, there is often live music on the terrace at weekends and in July there is a jazz festival just a few meters from the terrace. Next to the terrace is our popular ice cream parlor. Here you often see a long queue to get one of the delicious "Giant Bandholmers".