Bandholm Hotel med møder og konferencer, fester, hotelophold, wellness og restaurant. En perle på Lolland. Den smukke og indbydende indgang på Bandholm Hotel. Luksussuiten med sit enorme sofaarrangement er hotellets stolthed Bar og lounge på Bandholm Hotel med stort udvalg af vin, spiritus og lokal øl Bandholm Wellness er stedet at gå til ansigtsbehandlinger, massage, manicure eller pedicure Smuk solopgang på Bandholm Strand Hyggestemning med ild i pejsen i Bandholm Hotels gourmetrestaurant Brud i luksussuiten Festsalen på Bandholm Hotel med festlokaler til bryllup, sølvbryllup, guldbryllup, konfirmation og andre fester Aftenstemning på Bandholm Hotels store solterrasse

Why choose Bandholm Hotel?

1. Heartfelt service

When asking our guests what they like about Bandholm Hotel, there is one thing that always stands out: the service here is in a league of its own. Our friendly staff take pride in being courteous, obliging and helpful, so that every guest feels well received, taken care of and paid attention to. We do not see our visitors as customers, but as guests, and we strive to make everyone feel at home.

2. Romance

Everything about Bandholm Hotel permeates romance. The beautiful surroundings that invite walks by the sea, romantic dinners by the fireside and the charming rooms all provide the best opportunities to enjoy being together and letting the flame of love kindle afresh.

3. An exclusive setting

The hotel's fashionable main building, carefully renovated in English manor style with modern hotel facilities, is the perfect setting for a relaxing stay, close to the sea and wonderful countryside experiences. In front of the hotel is a lovely, large terrace with pagoda tents and an outside bar. Surrounding the hotel is a lovely garden with play facilities for the children.

4. Serenity, sea view and idyll

Bandholm Hotel is only a stone's throw from the calm and beautiful Småland Sea, with sea bath and marina only a few metres from the hotel. There is also a ferry connecting Bandholm with the small islands Askø and Lilleø. Near the water front is a lovely lawn with trees and recently a nice promenade has been made leading down to the sea bath with Denmark's warmest bathing water.

5. A historic hotel

Bandholm Hotel's history goes all the way back to 1692, when the former inn was royally privileged. After the inn had burnt down, the county of Knuthenborg built the the hotel's current main building in English manor style, designed by British architects. In the summer season you can experience history first hand, as the Museumsbanen - a local heritage railway - drives an old steam train through the forest from Bandholm to Maribo.

6. Delicious local food

With its mild climate and fertile soil, Lolland-Falster is a a veritable cornucopia of delightful, tasty ingredients. Among several local food items featured on our menu are Fejø Salmon, organic cheese from Knuthenlund, Krenkerup beer and Frederiksdal cherry wine. The hotel's chef Naomi Fouché has created a local menu which consists of good local and regional dishes with a modern twist. The hotel also has a special gourmet menu on the weekends, which is a culinary experience beyond the ordinary.

7. Wellness

Bandholm Hotel's popular wellness center offers a plethora of beauty, spa and massage treatments that, combined with a relaxing stay at the hotel, provide a perfect and complete experience. Try for instance a "romance for two" – a half an hour in the bubbles of the candlelit jacuzzi, followed by an hour's relaxing full body massage for two people, or a 90 minute BodyCoffee – a full body spa treatment with extracts from arabian coffee, sea salts from the Dead Sea and essential oils.

8. The area

Lolland-Falster is full of great experiences and Bandholm Hotel is the perfect base for a stay at the sunny islands. Knuthenborg Safari Park, which since the sixties has been one of Denmark's most visited and popular attractions for the whole family, is located only a few hundred meters from the hotel. Lolland is rich in manors and estates, including Fuglsang Manor and Art Museum and the Rewentlow Museum Pederstrup. For golf lovers there are beautiful, scenic courses in Maribo Golf Club and Halsted Kloster.

9. Intimate luxury

Bandholm Hotel is understated luxury in beautiful surroundings. The romantic candlelit dinner by the fireplace. The delicious strawberries, hand-dipped in chocolate sitting in the room on arrival. The vintage rum enjoyed in the soft leather chairs in the lounge. The 7 course gourmet dinner with accompanying wine menu. The full body massage for two in the wellness center. A boat ride for two in a speedboat on the Småland Sea. The possibilities are endless for wonderful experiences that burn themselves into one's soul as a shared reminiscence of intimate times spent together.

10. Excellent ratings

For several years, Bandholm Hotel has been among the highest rated hotels in Denmark on travel websites such as TripAdvisor,, etc., where hotel guests write personal reviews about their experiences. People are generally extremely satisfied with the hotel and particularly emphasize our location, staff, food and cleanliness of the hotel.

Bandholm Hotel has won several awards in recent years, such as TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice 2015, Certificate of Excellence 2015, as well as’s Clean Hotel Award.

11. A great place to have a celebration

The beautiful, newly refurbished banquet rooms at Bandholm Hotel are the perfect venue for a marvelous feast. Our experienced staff know what it takes to create the perfect atmosphere for a great time together with top-class food and wine. As the icing on the cake, there is the possibility to extend the celebration with accommodation and exclusive breakfast the next day. It will be a celebration, your guests will not soon forget.

12. Conferences by the sea

At Bandholm Hotel we provide the perfect setting for you to get together as a team and immerse yourselves in important topics. We take care of all the practical stuff, so you can spend every minute on the things that matter to you, whether it be conveying important information, getting a lot of work done in a short time, bonding together as a team, or maybe all of the above. Our excellent meeting facilities can hold up to 150 people. We also provide catering and accomodation in a number of different ways. Contact us, and we will help you put together the right meeting package for your event.